Microdreams are poems of the highest order—tiny, magnets that realign the cortex along the coordinates of the Marvelous. They enact surrealist transformation of thought through radical association and analogical metaphysics. They are also an incarnation of Language poetry, which revolts against the structures of dominance embedded in language itself. Freed from the governance of logic and syntax, microdreams are peepholes into the anarchy of the subconscious and portals into the sublime. Originally tweets, they are born on the Microdream twitter page and migrate here surreptitiously. A more in-depth explanation here.

@uutpoetry is the official Uut twitter handle. In between announcements and cogent retweets, this is where The Book of Surreal Sentences is being written.

@brookslampe is my personal account, in which I try to transform the mundane into the surprising through curious grammatical structures. Currently, I am pairing a past participle and a present tense (main) clause, implying an arbitrary causal relationship between the events.


TheOpenField offers quotes from modern and contemporary poets. I favor lesser known poets or less known poems from popular poets. Removed from their context, these verses often take on entirely new meaning.

surrealpoems present quotes from the surreal poetry. The poets quoted here represent the rich tradition of surreal poetics from around the world.